Ingeniux Solutions for Life Sciences

Ingeniux delivers a full set of content management and customer portal solutions for organizations across the Life Sciences industry, including: medical device companies, contract research organizations, medical  technology companies, research institutions, hospitals, biotech companies, and consumables manufacturers.  

The Ingeniux content management system (CMS) offers an intelligent approach to content management that aligns with your existing tools and processes. Manage all your content needs in a central location, publishing it out to different channels as necessary.

The Ingeniux Customer Experience Portal (CXP) is a secure portal that delivers all the information your customers (clients, partners, employees) need to be successful. Ingeniux CXP is a unified portal solution that enables a single, seamless, branded environment where customers can access and manage their information and relationship with your organization. 

With Ingeniux CXP you can: 

  • Manage all your content needs in a central location and publish it out to different channels including apps, kiosks, mobile phones, etc.
  • Support regulatory and compliance policies and reduce risk through robust content workflows, security and audit trails.
  • Create a customer support portal where customers can get the self-service and support they require.
  • Reduce support costs by offering effective case management over the top of your existing CRM.
  • Enable online instrument management, including remote monitoring.
  • Support effective sales and marketing outreach based on a 360° view of the customer.

Download the Ingeniux CXP Platform Overview

The Ingeniux content management and portal solutions work for a variety of branches of Life Sciences:

Get started with the Entry Level CMS Package for Life Sciences, an affordable option for building and growing engaging web experiences that convert leads and support existing customers and users. 

Key Use Cases

Customer Support Portal 

Ingeniux CXP delivers a modern portal with content management and engagement capabilities to elevate your customer experience and the enterprise security and integration endpoints to connect all of your applications and online services in a unified customer self-service hub, including service and support tools, knowledge and community.


Ingeniux provides an Intranet solution that meets the needs of the new digital workplace. It offers a range of features and capabilities that support communication, collaboration, and integration with key productivity solutions.  Unlike solutions that offer an "intranet in a box," Ingeniux goes beyond the standard Intranet capabilities to integrate with key productivity suites and other business systems to enable a true digital workplace for all employees. 


Ingeniux CMS delivers a complete set of features for managing complex and performance-oriented websites using an agile, modern approach to content management. With the ability to easily manage distributed content contribution, digital marketing, translation and global deployment, and multi-channel mobile delivery, Ingeniux empowers digital innovation for the modern web.

Key Features 

Ingeniux solutions provide the following capabilities: 

Secure Content Development and Workflow

Ingeniux provides robust content management capabilities including content creation, editing, workflow approvals, and publishing capabilities. A robust security and permissions system, advanced authoring with structured content, and complete lifecycle management ensure that you can create and manage the experiences you need to support all your customer needs. 

Localization by Language or Region

Be the local, trusted company in any market or geographic region. Ingeniux offers side-by-side page translation, a multi-site delivery platform, external translation module integration with over 14 major translation firms, international domain management, and language packs for the CMS. You can reach any customer in any location with the right message in their preferred language. 


Elevate the user experience with personalized content. Using factors such as past activity history, demographics, profile information, buying history, or stated interests, you can focus your messages to each individual visitor. Integration with marketing automation and CRM solutions gives you even more information on your visitors, ensuring you are always providing a personalized, contextual experience.


InSite goes beyond traditional search to provide a native search-based architecture that leverages the semantic XML structure of your content, taxonomy, and metadata improving the speed and the quality of search results.  

InSite provides a rich set of capabilities out of the box, including federation, faceted or guided search, secure search, and multilingual search. You can customize your search results by configuring search rankings and creating a custom search results UI.

Lead Management

Obtain a 360 degree view of prospects and current customers. Monitor their activity to detect buying signals. Process the leads with bi-directional integration with marketing automation and customer relationship management tools. Get leads to Sales with all of the information they need to close the deal.

Case Management and Self-Service

Help your customer help themselves while reducing support costs by integrating web-to-case management, chat, self-help documentation, and user forums into your website. Ingeniux provides a truly decoupled architecture, open content API, and technology agnostic approach that supports development and integration across a wide range of technology platforms and applications.


Ingeniux digital experiences are mobile-friendly out the box, with native support for Bootstrap and Foundation responsive frameworks. Ingeniux Page Builder, a visual design tool for templates and web pages, enables technical and non-technical users to create and manage responsive layouts easily.  Ingeniux also supports an adaptive approach to mobile application development.  

Managed Hosting and SaaS

Spend your time and efforts managing the customer experience and supporting the content and functional needs of customers. Host your website, Intranet or customer support portal with Ingeniux Managed Hosting Solution and never worry about the availability of your services again.

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